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by MaryJanice Davidson

Pub Date: July 5th, 2005
ISBN: 0-425-20433-2
Publisher: Berkley Sensation

Vampire Queen Betsy Taylor makes her third appearance.

As moonlighting romance writer Davidson related in two previous outings (Undead and Unemployed, mass market, etc.), the unemployed secretary was killed by a car, awoke in a coffin and rose from the dead to be hailed as the prophesied Queen Elizabeth I of the Vampires. But Betsy can’t bear her consort, much older but charismatic dreamboat King Eric Sinclair, and she can’t bear drinking blood. In fact, we first meet her in this volume at an AA meeting. “I thought maybe you guys would have some tricks or something I could use to stop drinking,” she says. Vastly shallow, self-centered and wisecracking, Betsy rooms in her mansion with two non-vamps: black billionairess and best friend Jessica, her accountant; and overworked gay E.R. doctor Marc Spangler, himself in AA. Betsy’s unwanted royal problems start with vamps Andrea Mercer and Daniel Harris asking her to officiate at their marriage on Halloween. She must also manage her nightclub Scratch while having Jessica handle various properties Betsy inherited from nasty Monique, a bad vamp who tried repeatedly to kill her before Betsy had to return the favor. Then her wicked stepmother, Antonia, not dead and now pregnant, invites Betsy to a baby shower at Marshall Field’s. From Antonia, put under a spell by Sinclair, Betsy learns that she has a younger half-sister who is the devil’s daughter and future queen of the planet. Reading The Book of the Dead drives Betsy psycho: she attacks Jessica and drinks her blood, rapes Sinclair and tries to kill tiny old vampire Tina, who creams her. When she finally tracks down and meets half-sister Laura Goodman, the devil’s daughter is not at all what you’d expect. She’ll be back next volume for sure.

Seventh heaven for the fans—totally without style but totally just super.