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LET'S COUNT TO 100! by Masayuki Sebe


by Masayuki Sebe & illustrated by Masayuki Sebe

Pub Date: Aug. 1st, 2011
ISBN: 978-1-55453-661-0
Publisher: Kids Can

While the 1000+ tiny images herein may seem overwhelming at first glance, Sebe’s latest is actually a great lesson in counting and in grouping by tens…all wrapped up in a seek-and-find format filled with amusing characters. 

The youngest children will find plenty to pore over in the packed spreads, each filled with 100 easily discernible animals (and, in one, children). Clever color, pattern or placement differences divide each large group into smaller groups of 10, making them easy to count, whether by ones or by tens. Sebe’s two-dimensional cartoon animals are very simply drawn with the barest of details, which makes the ones exhibiting personality stand out all the more. His busy scenes are full of whimsy and tiny details that are easily overlooked if children turn the pages too quickly. Indeed, rewards await those readers who are patient enough to look at each and every animal, as there are seek-and-finds on each page, as well as one in the back. The very observant may even notice the ways in which each spread connects to the one before it and the one that comes after. A final spread combines 10 animals from each of the previous spreads for one last set of 100.