THE INVINCIBLE CHRIST by Massey Mott Heltzel


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Dr. Heltzel, minister of Ginter Park Presbyterian Church, Richmond, Virginia, insists that ""the minister's one theme is Christ, that he must be central in all our preaching and teaching, that his eternal significance in human history and his redemptive work in the plan of God must never be absent from our message."" This book is largely the spelling out of that conviction. In it the author portrays Christ as still the answer to man's questions and the meter of every need. So he writes of ""The Fascinating Christ"", ""The Down-bringing Christ"", ""The Booking, Loving Christ"", ""The All-sufficient Christ"", ""The Serving Christ"", ""The Risen Christ"" and ""The Undefeated Christ"", and the reader sees Christ as the same understanding, compassionate being he was 2000 years ago. The book will make excellent devotional reading for Lent.

Publisher: Abingdon Press