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by Mat Heagerty ; illustrated by Steph Mided

Pub Date: March 9th, 2021
ISBN: 978-1-62010-849-9
Publisher: Oni Press

A scrappy teenager dedicates her summer to finding an elusive sasquatch.

The tiny town of Southborough, California, became a hot spot for paranormal-seeking tourists after Gregory Samuel O’Connor’s American Idol audition tape was video-bombed by a sasquatch. Eighteen years later, the tourism boom has nose-dived due to dwindling sightings of the sasquatch and internet-driven skepticism. Seventeen-year-old Louie O’Connor, daughter of the man who spotted the local cryptid, worries her dads will lose their restaurant. Like other Southborough businesses, Squatch Burger is threatened by a rich tech entrepreneur who wants to buy up the town for selfish purposes. Louie and her best friend, Felix, decide to turn things around by catching the sasquatch and returning Southborough to the map. But when a paranormal investigator famous for debunking cryptid stories shows up, everything changes. Can Louie find her passion and save the day? Reminiscent of a campy ’80s film, the eye-catching, full-color artwork highlights kooky schemes and extremely expressive characters. While the visual design is stunning, weak character development muddles a thematically overburdened story. The impetus for many plot points and humorous gags turns out to be Louie’s air of entitlement and general brattiness. An unbelievable change of heart leads to a tidy conclusion. Louie and her dads read as White; Felix is cued as Latinx, and residents of the town are ethnically diverse.

A snarky romp—just don’t think too hard about the holey plot.

(Graphic fiction. 12-18)