HOW JAPAN PLANS TO WIN by Matsuo Kinoaki


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A last minute addition to Little, Brown's list -- but remember what they did with You Can't Do Business with Hitler and Defense Will Not Win the War, both late comers. So watch this....An officer high up in the Japanese Naval Intelligence wrote this in 1940, a book which is not only a blueprint (its timetable of operations has so far been accurately performed) of the war between the U. S. and Japan, but a discussion of the military and naval problems which will perplex both sides. Because of America's tyranny and arrogance in the Pacific, because of her discrimination against the Japanese (from the Exclusion Act to the Open Door in China policy) war has been inevitable. An appraisal of the fighting strengths of both sides, with no underestimate of American resources but stacking them against the fact that Japan can fight more cheaply, and with greater endurance. The strategy of the Philippines, Guam, Singapore, the Canal -- offense and defense as the U. S. attempts to retake these points; etc. etc. A Japanese equivalent of Mein Kampf, which will probably be much discussed and used as a springboard for further argument. Is it ""too late""? The publishers plan a promotion campaign comparable to the two above-named titles.

Pub Date: April 6th, 1942
Publisher: Little, Brown