POWER PLAY by Matt Christopher


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Rabbit's faith in the efficacy of a candy bar called Choco-Power transforms him from the basketball team's worst player into its high-scoring star and leaves him so swell-headed that even his big brother, Bones, is turned off. But later Rabbit's cockiness lures him into an uneven race against a speeding locomotive on a narrow railroad bridge. That close call prompts Rabbit to throw away the Choco-Power he finds mysteriously soon after, and you won't be surprised to see his swagger disappear along with his lucky charm though, oddly, his new self-esteem seems to linger on. Compared to the botched up Glue Fingers (1975), this has some staying power and Ray Burns at least makes the kids look bright and wholesome. . . though their Doublemint smiles have a purely commercial appeal.

Pub Date: Aug. 19th, 1976
Publisher: Little, Brown