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Advice ""from the parents' point of view"", which expectedly often coincide with the child's in the culture of today, has been synchronized from the Ilg-Ames' newspaper column which was initiated in 1951 after their findings at the Gesell Institute (this is a Gesell Institute book) were widely popularized. If this is on the whole less lenitive, since the ""era of permissiveness is over"" and discipline has been re- instated, still they endorse the approach of children first, certainly in the young years. And the young years receive the greatest concentration in this book; they have found it difficult, if not clinically dangerous, to make long distance generalizations on the teen ager. The material is chronologically arranged under routines; tensional outlets; various child-parent, grandparent or sibling relationships; discipline; sex, fears; giftedness and intelligence (""make haste slowly""), morals and manners, and more serious defects and deviations as well as commoner handicaps, speech, overweight, etc.,... The authors' reputations, as well as the sponsorship of the Gesell Institute, provide a passe partout and this will have a pre-established market, although it contributes very little that is new and different.

Pub Date: July 5th, 1962
Publisher: Harper