RACE: Challenge To Religion by Matthew- Ed. Ahmann

RACE: Challenge To Religion

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On January 14th of this year, the first National Conference on race and religion was held in Chicago with the representatives of over eighty religious assembled to find common ground and common cause against racial prejudice. A number of nationally prominent clergymen delivered the addresses that make up this short book (which the publishers will be bringing out in simultaneous cloth and paper editions). Such men as Dr. Abraham J. Heschel of Jewish Theological Seminary; Albert, Cardinal Meyer, Archbishop of Chicago; Rev. Will D. Campbell, on executive of the National Council of Churches, together with some well known laymen and many other clergymen are responsible for messages that contribute to the record of concern over a continuing problem and challenge to all faiths. They offer no simple solutions, but their closing ""Statement of Conscience,"" unanimously adopted by the Convention and signed by all those present provides a guide to which only the bigot could dissent. A heartening affirmation of high principle transcending sectarian lines.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1963
Publisher: Regnery