THE MOON TREE by Maud Lang


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Another bird in the Bush gives the glad hand to romance--in this minimally diverting period tale from the Outback, featuring dear Clemency, who would rather pound on horseback through her dour and wealthy father's ranch than learn to tinkle a lady-like piano in Sydney. And there's angry blustering Matt, son of a transported convict and victim--along with other impecunious small settlers--of the super-squatters (like Clemency's Pa) on Crown land. Throughout Clem's progress in Sydney, where she is drawn to a glowering Byronic painter and wooed by stalwart Angus (her father's choice for a son-in-law), Clem yearns for home. She finally returns after her alcoholic mother's death to find a stepmother, a changed father, and true love with Matt--until secrets pop into the open. Then Clem is in for a sport of martyrdom before she sets out on a last lovelorn quest. Compared to The Thorn Birds a mere nubbin in length and pretentiousness--but harmless and mildly appealing.

Pub Date: March 9th, 1978
Publisher: Coward, McCann & Geoghegan