A THREEFOLD CORD by Maude Royden


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This is the beautiful and moving story of human love which bound together three people to whom religion was the most vital element in life. It is told by Maude Royden, one of the greatest figures in the religious life of England in this generation. The story concerns the love of Maude Royden and Rev. Hudson Shaw whom she married near the end of his long life and of the love of both of them for his former wife, Effie Shaw. Hudson Shaw and Maude Royden were both dynamic personalities, unbelievably active in the work of the church and associated enterprises. Effie Shaw, to whom her husband was completely devoted, was, on the other hand, a lovely, withdrawn neurotic saint, obsessed with vague fears save when her husband was by her side, yet rejoicing in the companionship of another woman whose love for her husband and his for her she fully recognized. It is the story of ""the eternal triangle"" which did not issue in either jealousy or infidelity simply because the triangle was firmly based upon the eternal principles of religion. This book has had a wide reading in England and it should have as great an appeal to American readers, for it is a classic story of a love sustained on the highest plans.

Publisher: Macmillan