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MOTHER LOVE by Maureen Carter


by Maureen Carter

Pub Date: Feb. 1st, 2012
ISBN: 978-1-78029-008-9
Publisher: Creme de la Crime

A missing woman reignites the fires of animosity between an icy detective and a scheming reporter.

Elizabeth Kent senses something isn’t right when her usually doting daughter Olivia is out of touch. Following up with the school where Olivia teaches, she’s told that Olivia has taken an unanticipated break—something Olivia never mentioned to her. Once DI Sarah Quinn shows up at Elizabeth’s door and starts asking questions, Elizabeth knows for certain that something must be wrong. The DI’s department has received a letter implying that Olivia’s been involved in some sort of kidnapping, and the tough detective is determined to find her before she comes to a bad end, assuming that she’s even still alive. Unfortunately for Sarah, Olivia’s disappearance has also drawn the attention of reporter Caroline King. While the muckraker, who was once close to Sarah, has been at odds with her for a long time, now Caroline is involved at a personal level because Olivia is one of her oldest friends. If the two antagonists can only put aside their differences, they may well solve the mystery before it’s too late, but with these two powerful women, it’s unclear that either will give in.

Carter (A Question of Despair, 2011, etc.) delivers another well-turned procedural, with the Quinn/King relationship better developed than in her last installment.