WINNER by Maureen O'Donoghue


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Gypsy waif to marchioness--in another tall tale by the author of Jedder's Land (1983). The time is the turn of the century, the place Ireland and England, and the heroine's a whiz at riding, breeding, trading, and training horses. Solid period horsy detail gives some spine to all the implausibles. Macha Sheridan's Rom father has just died, and Macha is driven out of their tinker community because she won't marry the dolt he'd chosen for her. It's slim and grim pickings, then, until Macha meets up with horse-trader Coper Molloy. The pair travel about and at one point secretly mate Macha's unlovely but swift filly to a champion sire. Meanwhile, Coper and Macha, married exotically at Tara, do some of their own mating, and twins are born. But Coper is killed for gun-running, and Macha, forced to leave the twins, is off to England--to amass a fortune at the races, learn upper-class graces, marry (only to regret it) twice, and overlook the good lad who has loved her all along. At the last, there's a reunion with a long-lost daughter, and then it's westward ho!--to America, with daughter, lover, and bloodstock. Romantic horsefeathers.

Pub Date: May 19th, 1988
Publisher: Simon & Schuster