EMIGRES DE LUXE by Maurice Dekobra


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Another extravagant, semi-aphrodisiacal novel by the popular novelist, (La Madonne des Sleepings is perhaps his best remembered book) which combines elegance, luxury, blood lines, and an occasional leer in what is generally referred to as a ""French novel"". Armand, the Duc de Brancourt, shelters Thea, a refugee from a concentration camp. To enable her to get out of the country, he marries her, and both come to America where Armand shortly finds himself without funds. Armand becomes the social director of a night club, Thea uses her newly acquired aristocracy to chaperone debutantes, and both run afoul of Armand's sister-in-law by his first marriage, a malignant spinster with amorous designs. When she fails to entrance Armand, she almost gains a revenge by corrupting his daughter, June, through the medium of an ex-convict. But Armand, Thea, and June survive all this. Tinsel.

Publisher: Brentano's