ALL WRONG ON THE NIGHT by Maurice Dolbier


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There is something perversely funny about the times when the best laid plans of show business go awry and the audience is in for an impromptu treat. This chronicles some of the happier occasions garnered from the legitimate theatre's rich heritage of embarrassing moments: the night when the music failed to synchronize with the frustrated actor/musician; the night that a monkey upstaged Tallulah Bankhead; the night that a young actor named Laurence Olivier lost his pants, his stage presence and his job; the time that the audience was swamped by a simulated sandstorm run amuck; the befuddled actor who introduced himself as ""the shiptain of the cap...the shaptain of the kipe...the kiptain of the shap."" And many, many more. Unfortunately few contemporary names are immortalized (their press agent's persistence?) but the situations remain zany; this collection has some perfect stage frights and great gaffes.

Publisher: Walker