A DREAM OF TREASON by Maurice Edelman


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A drama of the impasse in which Martin Lambert finds himself derives its tension from the whim of circumstance which crosses up an innocent man whose greatest guilt is perhaps the tendency to temporize with situations he should have controlled. Martin Lambert is in the Foreign Office where his career has been handicapped by the instability of his wife, Klesnore, after the death of their child. For a chance at a new post out of the country, he is asked by Brangwyn, the Foreign Secretary, and the Under-Secretary to turn over a British Cabinet Report to a French paper- and thereby shock the French out of their neutralism. While not ""his line of country"", Martin does so, but by the time the report is aired, it is the British who are shocked and treason is claimed, Brangwyn's death in a plans accident which also puts the Under-Secretary on the critical list leaves Martin with no defense. A visit with an old friend brings him the love of his daughter, Valerie, to case the bitterness of his broken career and marriage- but in the end it is to Eleanore that he returns-and the sentence he must face.... Those who remember Who Goes Home (1953) can again expect a suave entertainment, softer in tone.

Pub Date: April 20th, 1955
Publisher: Lippincott