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This is an exciting and revealing book, a picture of the Russian earth and Russian humanity remade -- steel armored and steel in spirit. Here is the answer to the puzzle of how Russia is making her stand against the biggest and best equipped army in the world. If you visited the Soviet Building at the N. Y. World's Fair, you were overwhelmed with what seemed like evidence of what Soviet Russia had accomplished; you discounted it largely as ""Propaganda"". Now here is that ""propaganda"" brought up to the minute, with facts and figures showing how and where and why Russia is as she is today. Again make allowances for Hindus' confessed faith in the Russian experiment, albeit he accepts its failure to produce political freedom or to raise adequately the standards of living, albeit he recognizes the frightfulness that has gone into producing, in a comparatively few years' span, what it has taken other nations centuries to achieve. And, when all is said and done, it is still an exciting book, a record of mechanization and production, through regimentation, sacrifice of the individual to the state, drastic economies, to one end, that Russia be strong enough to meet the Fascist threat, when it came. The sinews of war were strengthened in the ""New Factory"", collectivization through the New Farm, has made possible state control of the food and man power needed, has made possible the training of the citizenry for citizen defense, even to the ""parched earth"". The objectives and the methods and the theories have changed; there is- says Hindus -- actually ""no communism in Russia"", but state control, with differentiation of income according to production, with private property encouraged even with state aid, while all property that ministers to communal needs is barred from personal ownership. Land is state property -- with special provisions for rent leading to not ownership, but possession, under the state. The tax system is analyzed, income taxes, inheritance taxes, designed to discourage accumulation of unearned property. The changes in the peasant, in the village, with new opportunities, new security, although the high degree of regimentation may destroy the soul while feeding the body. The price paid, in the last two years, towards preparedness for war, training, propagandizing. Individual chapters on the status of the intelligents, of women, of the Cossacks, of the workers, of the Ukranians, of the Jews -- with always at the end of each chapter the query, What can Hitler do for them? Finally, a brief survey of what Hitler's New Order means for Slavs in Europe,- the Czechs, the Poles, etc. And the conclusion? The nation has built -- 1st the nation destroy -- but Russia goes on -- and Winter is coming. Russians are trained revolutionaries they know the meaning of botage and guerilla warfare. As for Hindus position on the transfer of shevik ideology to other countries? He shows what it would mean to in Germany. He recognizes the challenge to Russia in the Churchill-Roosevelt point pact. He recognizes the hidden imponderables. And he ends with the quotation of the oath of the Soviet Guerilla Fighter.

Pub Date: Sept. 26th, 1941
Publisher: Doubledayd, Doran