RUSSIA AND JAPAN by Maurice Hindus
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I was thrilled when I read Hitler Cannot Conquer Russia some months ago, and found myself wholly convinced of the soundness of his contentions. Time has proven how sound they were, and should give added validity to this book which expands what he wrote earlier of Russia in Europe, and goes deeply into Russia in Asia. An immediate chance for a plus sale is obvious in the closeness of publication date to the new Gunther edition of Inside Asia, for Hindus picks up the threads Gunther lightly throws out and makes one see every facet of the incredible expansion of Siberia as vital to the whole picture. For ten years Japan and Russia have been in conflict on the borders; open war is inevitable, but Hindus completely justifies Russia's stalling for time, not as a symptom of blindness to a possible initiative on the part of Japan, but to the importance of postponing action on two fronts while Siberia strengthens the preparation already far advanced. Fascinating revelation of a new world in the making, of expanding frontiers that stir the imagination.

Pub Date: April 17th, 1942
ISBN: 1406768081
Publisher: Doubleday, Doran