BRIGHT PASSAGE by Maurice Hindus
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Maurice Hindus writes with a warmth, a zest, on topics with which he has identified himself so that his writing carries conviction, even to the doubters. The whole subject of Czechoslovakia has been embued with conflicting opinions (more often prejudices) which would make the public feel that here was a country dedicated in the past to the cause of democracy, now given over, lock, stock and barrel to Russia. Hindus gives us back our faith in a fascinating, convincing and newsworthy appraisal of the country, its leaders, its people, its way of life- and its challenging and constructive compromise with those elements that its geographical position in Europe entail. There is a satisfying balance between straight factual record, opinion and that sense of color and drama and human interest which is characteristic of Hindus' earlier books on Russia. It was he who introduced the average American reader to the new Russia- in terms of humanity. His interest in Czechoslovakia dates back a number of years -- this is the first full length non-fiction book to come out of his research, his intimate knowledge. Parts of it have appeared in his news columns; much of it is new and rounds out our too sketchy knowledge of a country important as a key to central Europe's future.

Pub Date: March 27th, 1947
Publisher: Doubleday