MOTHER RUSSIA by Maurice Hindus
Kirkus Star


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Here's your answer to the customer asking for a book that tells what life in Russia is like today. This isn't primarily a war book, though it is a book about Russia at war. It is a book that should silence those that voice fears of Russia's intentions regarding extending Communism to the rest of the world, about a war following this war, against the capitalistic democracies. Hindus shows --convincingly -- a Russia closely integrated in her hopes of a future bearing the fruits of years of sacrifice and planning towards a better Russia, rooted in an appreciation -- at last -- of what was best in the old Russia. Their need is only a security, a peace in which to rebuild, to forge the sinews of war into sinews of peace. Hindus, in twenty years of reflecting a changing Russia to the western world, has been able to keep an objective and, at the same time, an understanding, sympathetic viewpoint. This is no rose-colored vision, but rather a realistic, vigorous portrait of a people, fired with a love of country transcending everything else, a fanatical devotion to the basic cause for which they are fighting. This is not a political book, but it does show why Communism has risen above the mistakes of its beginnings, to a proud conviction of a right way, for a new Russia. This is an excellent background book, with an immediacy that proves the need for the book is here and now.

ISBN: 140670900X
Publisher: Doubleday, Doran