MAGDA by Maurice Hindus


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From his own early experience in this country as an immigrant farmer, stems a substantial, sentimental if quite earthbound story of Mike Koziol, a Polish boy of twenty-one, who comes to America with a great ""hunger for land"", goes to work for Titus Lockwood who treats him as a son. And from the beginning there is Mike's worship for Magda, the wife of a neighboring farmer, Dan,- Magda who served the finest food but also read the best books, and whose beauty as well as attempted self-betterment made her suspect. Although aware of the tension between Dan and Magda, Mike still refuses her when she makes herself available, stands by through the tragedy when she becomes pregnant by another man. Dan takes his life, and she leaves forever to stone for his death...A lot of dirt-farming talk and Polish folkways temper the romance with realism, give this a certain vigor. The market however may be less vigorous.

Publisher: Doubleday