AMBLINO: Novada Style by Maurice Lemmel

AMBLINO: Novada Style

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Mr. Lemmel is sanguine about the relative honesty of Nevada's legalized gambling casinos and his research for this book was done on-the-spot. There are regional differences in the way of gambling games are played and paid off. In the firm belief that the best ""system"" to gamble on is a full knowledge of the rules and their variations for each game, he has outlined the basics for Craps, Blackjack, Faro, Keno and Roulette. Included are the most frequently encountered variations. He claims that this is the most extensive book in print on the subject of legally controlled Craps and it is true that little or nothing is available on the games of Faro or Keno. Tourists heading for the tables will find many clear diagrams here on the way tables are laid out as well as many hints for beginning betters. Although it is in the nature of our work to play Russian roulette with loaded typewriters twice a month, the Service has never taken a strong position on gambling. For those who care, the moral implications are ignored and the pastime is praised and urged by the author: for those who don't, this is a very complete introduction to Nevada's favorite indoor sport.

Publisher: Doubleday