SCOTLAND: An Anthology by Maurice Lindsay

SCOTLAND: An Anthology

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A delightful anthology which makes no great show of representing anything in particular -- except perhaps that banked chauvinism the Scots keep under decent control until let loose with an oil well or a bagpipe. These are top drawer selections for the most part, with excerpts from landmark documents and proclamations, and prose observations and poetry -- from misty Anons, through plenty of Bums and Scott, to a paltry handful of moderns. Among the groupings: History, People, Religion, Mysticism (would any but the theologically meticulous Scots separate the last two?) the Countryside and Lovers (from ethereal lyrics to a 16th century jollity in which ""lay me doun"" is the dominant theme). With translated words where necessary, and nicely printed, a guid gift for your Scots kin to chant on the way to Glasgow or ""a wee dochandorris.

Pub Date: Feb. 26th, 1974
Publisher: St. Martin's