AFRICA UNDER MY HEART by Maurice N. Hennessy


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The distance between an Irish monastery and a private N.Y. state school is great enough, in a straight line; however the author arrived here to teach via a twenty year detour through Africa as a British soldier and colonial official. This provides the substructure for an interesting autobiography in the main, although one questions whether it completely certifies Mr. Hennessy's authority as he discusses the present and future of African self-government. He certainly has some credentials, but the limitations both inherent and self-imposed, tend to compound one another rather than to cancel each other out. His sympathy for and even with the black African aspirations is earnest, but he is over sanguine in projecting his view of a future in which black and white cooperation is totally achieved. He has not seen his adoptive country in the past decade which is evident in his book. His heart is certainly in the right place, but whether the real Africa lies under it may be debatable.

Pub Date: April 21st, 1965
Publisher: Washburn