LOVE AND THE PERSON by Maurice Nedoncelle


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Canon Nedoncelle was one of the early protagonists in the fight for the establishment of a Christian philosophy of interpersonal relations, and this work --a translation of his Vers une philosophic de l'amour et de la personne -- is a synthesis, or an integration, of several essays in which he expresses his approach to the most complicated of those relations: love. Nedoncelle's treatment is almost entirely in the form of an investigation of the now almost classic I-thou framework, and he concentrates on principles (philosophical rather than psychological or sociological) in pursuing love and person rather than on practical situations in which love and the person are found. Because of its speculative, not to say metaphysical, approach, and notwithstanding the excellent and quite readable translation, Love and the Person will find its audience only among those who have a professional interest in the subject. For all that, the quality of the work will ensure a small, but continuing, sale.

Pub Date: Oct. 5th, 1966
Publisher: Sheed & Ward