LEVEL SUNLIGHT by Maurice Samuel


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An evaluation of the present conditions in Israel by a man who was intimately connected with its inception under Chaim Weizmann, Samuel, an Englishman and former secretary of the International Zionist organization, has written other books on modern Jewish questions, most recently Prince of the Ghetto. Actually this is a lament for the change of the Zionist state from the dream of Jewish renaissance to a state of refuge from persecution. He deplores the fading idealism, the growing schisms, the dangerous world position which began with the early days of the collective farms, etc. But above all this is a tribute to Weizmann and a valedictory to the time in which he was influential.. Samuel is obviously wound up in his past and not completely in touch with- no understanding of- present conditions in Israel. Still he feels that Israel may be saved through American cooperation and scientific progress... Critical, often controversial, and still more often digressive, this is not for a general market here and is doubtful for Zionist sympathizers.

Publisher: Knopf