THE PEOPLE OF THE BOOK by Maurice Samuel


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The Book is of course the Old Testament, and this interpretation of certain of its people is based on ""long personal contact"". Samuel, a serious scholar and devout admirer of this Testament, never deviates from the text (although occasionally a few unfortunate colloquialisms intrude) and there are long excerpts therefrom, along with his fuller explanations thereof. Through these pages, you will gain a profounder knowledge of Ahasuerus, the fool, more slave than king to Esther; of Balaam, more sinister than foolish; of Naomi- ""an idyll of old age""; of the ""managerial"" Rebekah; of David's three wives, Michal, and Abigail and Bathsheba; of Jezebel ""the hellcat""; and of the struggle between Joseph and his brothers and the distortions in Mann's version of this story.... Along with the dramatic content of these tales, the moral and philosophical values are also indicated to widen their meaning for a thoughtful audience- although it will be largely of religious derivation.

Publisher: Knopf