ON THE VERGE by Maurice Sandoz


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The combination again of Sandoz, scientist in the field of medical chemistry, and Salvador Dall (remember their Fantastic Memories in 1944?), for a group of four macabre stories of madness. The most gripping story of the group tells of a sinister interchange of identity, as a young French-Brazilian in a Marseilles' asylum, relates the story of his dependant love for a sadistic American who demanded the gift of a ""tsantsa"", a shrunken, mummified human head, of how he secured it, too late, gave it to a French museum, only to find that his head was shrinking to the Tanisa proportions, and the mummified head was growing...A second story tells of a young Jew in a Swiss institution, who imagines himself the Christ. The third and fourth deal with what may or may not be delusions, held by inmates of a Tunisian asylum. And the reader- as well as the narrator- finds himself in a daze as to what is some and what mad. The market? Those who relish a degree of morbidity, plus those interested in aspects of mental disease. The Dall oultists will add a third.

Pub Date: Nov. 9th, 1950
Publisher: Doubleday