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KENNY'S WINDOW by Maurice Sendak Kirkus Star


illustrated by Maurice Sendak

Pub Date: June 15th, 1956
ISBN: 0064432092
Publisher: Harper

So far Maurice Sendak has been known only as an illustrator but in this he becomes equally good as an author and complements in words the poetic quality of his pictures. Kenny is a e boy with a window in his room, as most of us have had. He has a dream one night in which he sees a garden he would love to live in and in the garden is a four-legged rooster who gives him seven questions to answer. Kenny hopes the answers will let him live in the garden but as they reveal themselves he learns a thing or two about life-about loving and promising and wanting only what he really wants and about the will-o-the wisp imagination he will never lose. The window has become a key to the wonders of the world. Executed with skill and feeling, designed in large format and greys and tans, this is a book to be one's private friend. Spine cloth reenforced.