GREEN RUSHES by Maurice Walsh
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There's a market for this -- but it isn't the established Maurice Walsh market, and you'll find you've laid better groundwork for your Maurice Walsh futures, if you are clear as to the appeal of this particular item. First, it is not a novel, in the sense of The Read to Nowhere. Rather is it a collection of episodes, lightly woven together by the fact of interlocking characters, all of them having taken part, on one side or the other, in the Black and Tan conflicts of the Irish insurrections. Second, though love is the motivating force the interest is more, perhaps, for men than women readers, and for sportsmen rather than those who like straight romantic adventure. Fishing and shooting play a big part, both in the story and in the atmosphere and background. Try in your sporting book section, for a plus sale. Sell to your Walsh fans, certainly, but tell them what it is, else they'll feel a bit cheated. Personally, I'll read anything he writes, just for the joy of his lilt and the feel of outdoors.

Pub Date: Sept. 12th, 1935
Publisher: Stokes