THE HILL IS MINE by Maurice Walsh
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Here once more is the Walsh of The Small Dark Man and The Road to Nowhere. Stephen Wayne of Montana and Renny Alpin of the Highlands of Scotland hatch a plot at the Algonquin bar, and the following holidays find wayne carrying out his part of the agreement by turning up to view the croft he has inherited from his Scotch grandmother. Straightway, he becomes involved --romantically with every pretty girl that crosses his path, and adventurously speaking with the poaching activities of his ""caretaker"", one Farquar, and with the manoeuvres to keep the old Laird from revealing his encroaching madness to the outside world. Coincidence and circumstances cross wires and Wayne has an adventurous holiday withal. Grand entertainment, a good story against the background of the Highlands as Walsh can so hauntingly portray them.

Pub Date: Oct. 14th, 1940
Publisher: Stokes