THE PROOF THAT GOD EXISTS by Maurício Riguette Mediano


The Solution to a Puzzle Spread through Sciences and Other Disciplines of Human Knowledge
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A debut work of philosophy offers proof of a divine creator.

The complexity of the universe, particularly of intelligent life forms like humans, is so amazing as to be extraordinarily unlikely. So argues Mediano in this new book, which attempts to convince its readers of just what a long shot humans (and the world around them) really are. Such a long shot that the most logical conclusion is that someone must have designed them. “To prove that both the universe and life itself were designed is to prove God’s existence,” writes the author. Chapter after chapter, he attempts to do just that: prove the existence of God by highlighting the unlikelihood of the structures that constitute the natural world. From the stability of atoms; to the formation of stars and planets; to the miracles that are water, oxygen, and the ozone layer; to the convenient (for humans) extinction of the dinosaurs; and the majesty of art and the human brain, Mediano dissects the improbable events and developments that created the conditions in which humanity has been able to thrive. His conclusion is that the odds of these events are incredibly slim—approaching infinity: “Therefore, if the combined odds of the evolution of humans on Earth being just a coincidence are infinitely small, it is impossible that the evolution of humans was a coincidence.” Mediano makes his argument with clarity and thoroughness, and he provides a substantial bibliography to back up his evidence. He chooses to wage his battle on the field of science, demonstrating an acute understanding of a wide range of disciplines. His exploration of the many areas in which remarkable changes needed to occur is striking and will surely leave the reader with a renewed appreciation of the world. Even so, this evidence is ultimately circumstantial, based on the premise that it would be extraordinarily unlikely for the universe to look the way it does without the hand of some intelligent designer. This argument is unlikely to sway nonbelievers, just as the contentions of the New Atheists do not persuade the majority of theists.

An evidence-based, if ultimately uncompelling, argument for the existence of God.

Pub Date: Oct. 29th, 2016
ISBN: 978-1-5376-8128-3
Page count: 166pp
Publisher: CreateSpace
Program: Kirkus Indie
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