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A IS FOR APRICAT by Mauro Gatti


Learn Your ABCs With These Deliciously Adorable Food & Critter Mash-ups!

illustrated by Mauro Gatti

Age Range: 3 - 6

Pub Date: Sept. 3rd, 2019
ISBN: 978-1-63322-722-4
Publisher: Walter Foster Jr.

Mix an animal or an insect with food and what do you get? A critter mashup.

In this book, 26 such critters are presented—one for each letter of the alphabet. Take an apricot and mix it with a cat, and the result is the titular apricat. Or a coconut and a cow combine for a cowconut. Each letter/creature occupies one page, a photo of the edible digitally incorporated into a simple, bright illustration that rests against white space. Some of these mixes are more successful than others. Mix a flamingo with a mango and the result is a flamango, but mix an ape with a grape and the result is still a grape? Or a dragon with a dragon fruit and the result is still a dragon fruit? Or, mix a deer with an eggplant and the result is an elkplant? Just in case readers don’t get it, accompanying each new creature is a statement. For example: “LEMONSAUR / Just a spoonful of sugar will help sweeten this sourpuss”; “PEANGUIN / Frozen legumes know how to play it cool.” Though it might inspire some readers to come up with their own creations, it is hard to know who the intended audience for the book is. The statements will probably go right over the heads of most young children and fall flat with adults. A final page offers some facts on each featured food.

Take a pass on this one. (Board book. 3-6)