WHALE MOUNTAIN by Mavis Garey Moore
Kirkus Star


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Mavis Garey Moore who wrote Pony for a Prize in 1951 (p. 393) writes adultly for young people in a splendid book that's a novel in the true sense of the word. The place- a nearly drought-stricken Southern town and its guarding monolith of a mountain, and the people- thirteen year old Sledge and his friends, grow and change in poignant relationships to each other. Vigorous storytelling and a suspense that keeps to the end describe the months Sledge tried his best to get a summer job teaching riding at a boys' camp near the town. His own orneriness, conceit and pent up desire to prove his ability jam his plans. But an innate courage and a longing to understand people as well as nature get a dramatic revelation when the mystary of Sledge's private cave on Whale Mountain- a subterranean stream- is solved for the benefit of the thirsty land. A full bodied book to leave strength with its readers.

Pub Date: March 3rd, 1953
Publisher: Macmillan