GOLD IN THE SKY by Max Catto


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A high spirited entertainment deals with an attempt to salvage a transcontinental airliner from an equatorial swamp- in the Congo-by a Professor Abercrombie, his obstinate and overbearing daughter, Stella, and Dennis Archer, a uranium prospector who has realized only failure. Along with the ""abominable discourtesies"" exchanged between Stella and Archer, the attendant difficulties (the flies, the heat, the hostile natives and hurricane rains) provide a lively line of resistance to their madcap venture to retrieve the plane and two it some 600 miles. Dennis is subdued and softened by a bout of illness- so is the Professor- but Stella is still stiffnecked until Dennis proves himself equal and superior to three thugs and to her.... Max Catto, a young Englishman, who has sold five of his books to the films in the last three years, writes -- although awkwardly- with a buoyant assurance and it's a pleasant enough light adventure.

Publisher: Morrow