THE BIG EYE by Max Ehrlich


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Science fiction in less lurid terms for the story of an astronomical discovery that changes the world. 1960 is marked by strange happenings throughout the world, believed to be evidence of secret Russian weapons and it is merely a question of who starts the unavoidable war. At Palomar, Dr. Dawson calls a conference of international astronomers, has his calculations checked, and announces a new planet -- Y -- will overtake the earth and end the world in 1962, at Christmas. After a period of hysteria, all countries settle down to peace, prosperity, global good will and christian living, and, as the planet, resembling an ever watchful eye, draws nearer and time grows shorter, all wait their doom calmly. And the miracle comes -- the Big Eye stops before it crashes into the earth and then recedes. The world continues its new utopian course, and Dr. Dawson's assistant learns the true story of the Big Eye. A good yarn, not of real literary importance, but of more dignity than usual superscience tales.

Pub Date: Sept. 15th, 1949
Publisher: Doubleday