INSTANT MILLIONAIRES: The Secrets of Overnight Success by Max Gunther

INSTANT MILLIONAIRES: The Secrets of Overnight Success

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Not much gold left in them thar hills but no matter -- there's still lots and lots of silver lining those clouds not to mention what's floating in the Potomac and if you've got enough smarts you might figure a way to reclaim it, thereby alleviating a worldwide silver shortage thereby lining your own pockets with a gold piece or two. Or how about thinking up a new way to shave, or a new kind of eraser (somebody's already tried a laser beam) -- once, but only once, they laughed at George Borg too when he asked why not a roller instead of a brush to paint a wall. There can be a pot for everyone at the end of the rainbow -- witness the instant millionaires discussed here -- and it's just a question of finding the right consumer need then filling it, here or abroad, like maybe selling hot dogs in South Africa, or teaching Iranians how to drive as did Harry Wendall from New Jersey who now lives like a king in Teheran, or setting up an A & W root beer stand in Guam like Wilbur Miller whose three each gross $200,000 a year compared to the typical $150,000 American average. Think success is the author's inspired word; after all it was Thoreau's despair about our quietly desperate lives that fired Ross Perot to found Electronic Data Systems. Phooey and Coue in about equal measure.

Pub Date: Nov. 15th, 1973
ISBN: 0857190008
Publisher: Playboy Press