VIRILITY 8: A Celebration of the American Male by Max Gunther

VIRILITY 8: A Celebration of the American Male

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The ""new impotence"" talks back. And with no little hostility toward those ""'liberated' modern women, as some of them like to be called, [who] are highly interested in sexual experience (or fired it chic to say they are)."" Gunther's phallic-worshipper's catalogue of the eight common styles of virility is designed to prove that even repulsive Pragmatists like Richard Nixon, Boors like Archie Bunker, Operator-Manipulators like Ari Onassis and Mild Males like Ron Ziegler have their unique brand of sex appeal. But in case you are a funny little fat man, Gunther suggests practicing fannypatting, playing with your drinking glass, holding and puffing on your cigarette, etc., in a gutsy but debonair male way. (Prissy feminine mannerisms betray weakness.) If that doesn't knock the girls onto their queen-sized bed then consult one of Gunther's preferred muscle builders, among them the renowned Charles Atlas. Earnest fraternal bull to support the most threatened of chauvinist egos.

Pub Date: Feb. 3rd, 1974
Publisher: Playboy Press