IT IS LATER THAN YOU THINK: The Need for a Nilitant Democracy by Max Lerner
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IT IS LATER THAN YOU THINK: The Need for a Nilitant Democracy

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It all has a horrid sense of ""I told you so"" -- as one reads Lerner's predictions of what is facing democracy in this particular week. Starting out with an analysis of liberalism, past and present, he goes on to the state of democracy and liberalism in the world today, and then presents a positive program for giving new meaning and new life to liberalism, and strengthening the foundations of true democracy, tolerant, accepting the rule of the majority, decisive in action, accepting the need of economic collectivism, bridging the transition to a socialist economy. He puts up a strong plea for a planned democratic collectivism, the one hope of salvaging capitalism from ruin. He shows how a democratic collectivism can be aimed at through trade unions, farmers' groups, professional groups, and education of the young people. He urges study of our own economic mechanisms, and of planning mechanisms elsewhere. He reenforces his argument by showing how humanity can develop and grow within these boundaries. Here is a book which crystallizes what many are feeling, which helps formulate a plan, which places before us an ideal and a hope. It is the sort of book we've needed -- constructive rather than destructive.

Pub Date: Nov. 18th, 1938
Publisher: Viking