RODEO: The Sport of the Cow Country by Max -- Photographs by Kegley

RODEO: The Sport of the Cow Country

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Evolution of a major American sport developed from cow punching by the cowboys' need for recreation and a competitive sport. Brief introductory text telling of the first actual rodeo in Prescott, Arizona, of the spread of interest, and the gradual development of the professional class. Finally it became necessary to form the Rodeo Association to guard the sport and set up rules and standards and keep records. The balance of the book is made up of groups of photographs, with an introductory descriptive page of text:- Bronco riding rules: Roping and bulldogging events; Brahma bull riding. History -- events --champions in picture and captions. The photographs are fine action pictures, but the reproduction does not seem up to Hastings House best.

ISBN: 1168840457
Publisher: Hastings House