ATTACK CAN WIN IN '43 by Max Werner


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Based on the argument that 1943 is the time for victory in Europe, proved by a history of campaigns and production to date, the recommendation is for a common Anglo-American-Soviet offensive, of land, sea and air dimensions, to bring about a swift decision. This examines the German war crisis, the strategy lag behind military events, the might of the Red Army and how it and the country are winning, why it cannot be defeated and why, having mastered defensive and offensive warfare, it can win further, why the German Army cannot win and why it can be defeated. It stresses the importance of land fighting, the margins of superiority, the complex calculations and technical qualifications of a West, South, East invasion and the imperative need for coalition warfare supported by simultaneity and coordination. It indicates the necessity for unified strategy, and the use of all arms of the services. A book for experts to criticise, for the man to examine with a thoughtful mind. It makes an interesting companion to Bridgehead To Victory, reported above.

Pub Date: June 7th, 1943
Publisher: Little, Brown