THE GREAT OFFENSIVE: The Strategy of Coalition Warfare by Max Werner
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THE GREAT OFFENSIVE: The Strategy of Coalition Warfare

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The first refutation of Mrs, de Seversky and Ziff, in a closely analyzed survey of the war, present and future. Judicious appraisal of fighting power and losses considered in terms of time, space, manpower, equipment, and ultimate objectives. The answer, to Warner, lies in what he terms ""coalition warfare"". Alone, no one of the United Nations can match the German Wehrmacht. Together, we have superiority in production, manpower, territorial position. An air blitz will not knock Germany out. Despite shipping and landing operation costs, a land front will. Joint attack is the best defense. It reads convincingly, from his discussion of German and Russia strategy during the first two years, Hitler's change of plan in regard to Russia, Russia's previously underestimated staying power; then weighing of British and American fronts, overoptimism, and gradually realistic approach. Persuasive. Challenging.

Pub Date: Oct. 2nd, 1942
Publisher: Viking