HELP! HELP! HELP! by Max Wilk


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Or, Atrocity Stories from all over is a cheerfully churlish account of our servant classless society which documents, from east to west, city to suburbs, the disappearing domestic, be she cook, housekeeper, maid of all work, or he and she, the couple. Then there's the myth of Hazel, ""queen-sized collosa"" of all lies, who stayed with one family for 52 weeks; the va et vient of dailies- a floating population; the pitfalls of indentured imports (Castro Cuban, Mexican wetback, pregnant French); that misnomer- the mother's helper; that miscast friendly service man, etc., etc. Mr. Wilk's employment registry is full of assorted characters and provides a playfully harrowing commentary which is no drudgery to read. Good Refs.

Publisher: Macmillan