NEW CRIMES 3 by Maxim--Ed. Jakubowski


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Bookstore owner Jakubowski serves up 18 never-published-before stories, two long-buried turns from John D. MacDonald and Robert B. Parker, and a piece of Holmesian puffery from John Diekson Cam In all, only three efforts rise above pulp-fiction level: MacDonald's brawny story of a worm turned tough guy from the original Black Mask magazine; W.R. Philbrick's mobster's daughter jamming in Miami while the bodies fly; and P.C. Doherty's locked-room murder of a Dark Ages abbot. Norman Partridge and Molly Brown opt for shock endings that fizzle, whereas Mike Ripley and Julian Rathbone try reviving Lord Peter Wimsey and Holmes and Watson with ill-advised attempts at humor. In the only Spenser short story ever written by Parker, rape, impotence, voyeurism, and murder abound, while Spenser and Hawk flex their machismo. Also included: a poorly thought-out Nameless story from Bill Pronzini; a cop-killer vignette from Mark Timlin; a very dated (from the 40's) Del Marston story, plus ten others of even slighter import. Jakubowski seems to specialize in stories nobody else wants--publishers or readers.

Pub Date: Feb. 17th, 1992
Page count: 352pp
Publisher: Carroll & Graf