ASIA MINOR by Maxim Osward


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Mirrored in mosaic, in friezes on Aegean shores, in white marble sea go grottoes and mausoleums is the history of Asia Minor -- here embracing modern Turk Syria, Lebanon and in part Iran and Iraq. Fragments disinterred by the camera atte the impress of Cross and Crescent. The landscape roundabout, muezzins at prayer, fi trees, pilgrims, and patient dromedaries pattern the handsome photographs. Spanning centuries between the Hittite empires and contemporary Istanbul, dominated still by H Sophia, the author records the thrusts and repulses of Christian thought with monuments of Hadrian and Justinian. There is a twenty five page discussion of historical and geographical background to accompany the 160 black and white and eight full color plates; The copy we saw had a tendency to buckle. We suggest putting the book under weight.

Pub Date: March 19th, 1958