BRIGHT BLUE BEADG: In American Family in Persia by Maxine Adams Miller

BRIGHT BLUE BEADG: In American Family in Persia

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From Glendale, California, to Iran was a revolution in a way of life for the Miller family:- the father, a professor, advisor on the establishment of a new department in the University of Iran, his wife and his teen age son and daughter. The minutely detailed story of their Iran adventures, from establishing a household, with the problems of house hunting and securing servants, to their exploration of all parts of Iran, under the guidance of All, who takes them everywhere, provides a combination travel and personal tale that should be irresistible. But unfortunately, the author seems to feel that to give her story a homespun, chatty quality she must tell it with a surplus of rather dated American colloquialisms, dialogue that is slangy and at times cheap. She has immense curiosity and determination, an interest in people and their way of life, and an ability to share her experiences. But her writing leaves much to be desired. One could define her as an observant and gifted amateur. Her text would have benefited by editorial supervision.

Pub Date: May 1st, 1961
Publisher: Caxton