THE WIZARD'S TEARS by Maxine & Anne Sexton Kumin


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When the old wizard is forced to retire because his ""abracadabras are all worn out,"" he's replaced by a youngster--pictured here with a red motorscooter, bowl-cut hair, turtleneck sweater and owlish horn-rimmed glasses--who works his spells completely by the book. This new wizard is a big success until he discovers that his tears have magic powers; he means to train them to bring him breakfast in bed, but sheds too many and accidentally turns the whole town of Drocknock into frogs. Then the old wizard steps in and gives the kid a chance to set things right by solving a fiddle with an answer that's ""right under your nose."" The answer is right under the reader's nose too--grinning out of Evaline Ness' energetically spunky prints. And Maxine Kumin and the late Anne Sexton breeze through this ersatz fairy-tale without trendy gimmicks or intrusive poeticizing--just a brisk, no-nonsense delivery. Sharp and spiffy.

Pub Date: Aug. 5th, 1975
Publisher: McGraw-Hill