HALF A TEAM by Maxine Drury


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Fourteen-year-old Cindy, a farm child, is forced to assume a mature role when her citified mother is stricken with tuberculosis and returns with the two younger children to town. Cindy pitches to with a will, working endlessly if somewhat ineptly in order to comfort her father and assure her favorite team of horses security. But when economic pressure mounts, Cindy's father is forced to sell one of the horses, and, from then on, Cindy's precarious world seems to tumble. Her mother, somewhat recovered, hesitates to return to the family and Cindy is forced to realize that she is hopelessly ill-equipped to fill her mother's role. An understanding neighbor convinces Cindy's father that he must reassure his wife that she is wanted and she helps train Cindy in her houshold tasks. With the return of Cindy's mother, the team of horses is also reunited, with everyone reasoning that half a team brings sorrow and fruitlessness to both partners. A full and effective story which deals with emotions--love of family and animals--close to the concern of young readers.

Pub Date: Aug. 1st, 1960
Publisher: Longmans, Green