MY PET FRIENDS by Maxwell Knight


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The author is an outstanding English naturalist and this book is a collection of essays describing the various pets he has kept. Mr. Knight's sense of wonder is evidently his chief characteristic for on the basis of these essays, he watches the ordinary housecat or hunting dog with the same expectancy that he brought to his uncommon housepet Wendy, a most appealing mongoose. The animals never let him down either, for the cat learned to retrieve by watching him training a dog and an assortment of birds harbored in the house or garden proved that each was an individual. Mr. Knight writes without condescension and his helpful hints on bringing small, wild pets indoors are understated. His major point comes almost by osmosis and that is the reward of patient observation. Another that gets more stress is the necessity for allowing an animal to be itself and not expecting it to conform to a schedule or a behavior pattern that is not its own. There is no reason why the book should not be perfectly at home in both juvenile and adult collections.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1964
Publisher: Warne