FRUIT OF THE TREE by May Edginton


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Better British brand of lighter entertainment, though not May Edginton at her best... Again an English family story of many ramifications for rental pleasure, this tells of all the Stanbros as they go through postwar romantic realignment. Millicent, mother of three, is about to divorce their father, Patrick, a waster in his ways with money and women. Jessica, her daughter, has returned from the war to settle her engagement to Lion, of social standing and stern integrity; she discovers that Lion will not countenance, any connection with divorce. John, the son, is rushed into marriage by spoiled, dependent Lesley, whose haste is explained when she gives birth to the child of another man. Jessica, determined to save her own marriage by forestalling her mother's divorce, becomes secretary to the man her mother loves, and wins him- unintentionally- from her mother, who makes the best of it, and sticks by her husband.

Pub Date: March 10th, 1947
Publisher: Macrae-Smith