LOOK AT THE MOON by May Garelick


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Moon light, moon bright,/ Shining on this lovely night,/ Does everyone see the moon I see,/ The very same moon that shines on me?"" It's a traditional question phrased in a traditional manner and this might almost be a picture book of the forties or early fifties, of the lyrical days of Margaret Wise Brown and Wait Till the Moon Is Full. The focus is not on the moon but on what the moon shines on all over the world: ""On farm and field and hill and hollow,/ On trees of pine, and oak, and willow,/ On cities, farms and wooded hills,/ On rooftops, and on window sills."" The deep blue ground of the illustrations highlights the effects of moonlight and the rhymes have a pleasant slumberous rhythm. The question no one can answer now is whether kids will be content to look at the moon from this particular perspective much longer.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1969
ISBN: 1572551429
Publisher: Young, Scott